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Charge Capture Review

Accurate, Efficient Charging Practices with a Charge Capture Review

Your Problem

How much are you losing in possible reimbursement? Without accurate Charge Capture processes in place, potential reimbursement slips through the cracks.

Unfortunately, identifying Charge Capture errors is difficult due to the interdependent nature of each functioning charge capture mechanism. From the departmental Order Entry systems to the submission of the UB-04, identifying and correcting an error is a tedious, painstaking task for personnel unfamiliar with the complex nature of the Charge Cycle. For this reason, Charge Capture is the single most destructive problem in healthcare’s reimbursement.

Our Solution

MedCom Solutions’ Charge Capture Review audits the processes and technologies supporting each charging mechanism within the Charge Cycle in order to identify the components inhibiting full reimbursement of patient bills. We assess how current services are captured and improve the accuracy of reimbursement by working directly with the operational processes that support the charge capture mechanisms utilized within the departments.

Detailed Recommendations, Smooth Integrations

Upon completion of the Charge Capture Review, each facility is provided with detailed recommendations and a post-implementation audit to ensure successful integration of the recommendations into the Charge Cycle.

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