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Chargemaster Management

Decrease the Cost and Effort of Chargemaster Management

Your Problem

Undergo a Chargemaster Review or Charge Cycle Assessment recently? Not seeing expected returns? After conducting a Chargemaster Review, it is essential to maintain the Chargemaster to ensure ongoing compliance and revenue improvements.

But Chargemaster Management is costly for healthcare providers. For busy personnel, it can quickly become overwhelming. Labor resources are limited and regulatory changes are published daily. Without clinical expert oversight, the accuracy of the Chargemaster can decrease at an exponential rate. The result for healthcare providers is an increase in denied claims and diminished reimbursement.

Our Solution

MedCom Solutions’ Chargemaster Management solution combines both software technologies and in-depth clinical expertise to eliminate the hassles involved in maintaining the Chargemaster and ensure an accurate, compliant and revenue-enhancing Chargemaster.

Hands-on Coverage

MedCom Solutions' expert clinical consultants are dedicated to:

  • Researching and interpreting regulatory changes on a daily basis
  • Updating, deleting, and adding new codes on a timely basis
  • Adjusting pricing to reflect changes in coding
  • Educating staff regarding the charging practices for their departments
  • Auditing the previous day's charges to ensure that appropriate billing has occurred for each patient that received services
  • Monitoring volume for each service to ensure proper charging practices

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