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Chargemaster Review

Chargemaster Review: Line-by-line Accuracy and Accountability

Your Problem

Generally, the Chargemaster, or CDM, is viewed as a simple database which stores charge codes for procedures, services, and supplies. But, over time, accuracy becomes questionable as departments update the CDM daily with new services or procedures.

Inaccurate coding caused by inappropriate service charges can result in hospital bills not getting paid, which represents millions of dollars in revenue from all payers. It is extremely difficult to determine the accuracy of a CDM and to correct inaccurate charging practices without a Chargemaster Review.

Our Solution

In order to guarantee Chargemaster accuracy, MedCom Solutions’ Chargemaster Review, or CDM Review, analyzes both the information received from Charge Capture and the information submitted for billing in order to produce a comprehensive picture of the current charging practice.

A Revenue-Enhancing Transformation

Through a series of on-site interviews with departmental staff and a line-by-line analysis of the Chargemaster, our clinical coding experts provide an effective, revenue-enhancing transformation of the facility’s Chargemaster accuracy and functionality.


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