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Operating Room Charge Structure Analysis

Operating Room Charge Analysis: Recover More & Standardize your Charge Structure

Your Problem

65% of all hospital revenue flows through the Operating Room. Poorly structured operating room charges can translate to significant deficits if overhead costs are not recovered.

Our Solution

MedCom Solutions works directly with OR staff to gather data on the following surgical charge components:

  • Time increments – reviewed to appropriately capture overhead costs.
  • Acuity structures – assessed for selection in objective and defensible approach.
  • Price levels – considered against market competition and payor contracts based on surgical CPT codes.

Our clinical consultants also ensure that non-surgical CPT services are populated and captured appropriately, adding to your bottom line. Anesthesia and Recovery lines will also be reviewed for accurate reporting.

By using the current reimbursement structure of your hospital, MedCom financial analysts will perform a sensitivity analysis to measure the impact of each of the surgical charge component variables on your Gross and Net Revenue. This allows for the effects of price and structure changes to be evaluated down to the line item level.

Standardized Charging, Assured Pricing

Our Operating Room Charge Structure Analysis result in:

  • Decreased vulnerability to negative public price perception
  • Guaranteed pricing defensibility for surgical services
  • A standardized charging structure applicable across departments and facilities
  • Assured pricing of OR time to be greater than a payor surgical fee schedule

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