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Order Entry Mapping

Full Reimbursement with Accurate Order Entry Mapping

Your Problem

One of the most overlooked areas in the process of conducting a Chargemaster Review is determining if the clinical Order Entry (OE), or Charge Capture system, is correctly aligned or “mapped” to the Chargemaster (CDM).

The interdependent nature of the Charge Cycle prevents accurate billing without first aligning all components. When Order Entry and Chargemaster systems are not in alignment, errors in charging and declining revenues can be expected.

Our Solution

MedCom Solutions’ Order Entry Mapping Audit reviews the “mapping” between the Order Entry module and the Chargemaster, line-by-line, for both system-wide or department-specific charge capture systems.

Through the utilization of MedCom’s proprietary, state-of-the-art C3Navigator software, a birds-eye-view of the mapping between the OE and CDM systems is presented for analysis. Once all Order Entry systems have been imported into the software, MedCom’s expert consultants review each of the order entry lines and their associated CDM mapping.

Expert Recommendations

After assessing each individual line, an implementation file is issued including all recommended changes for each charge capture system. Accurate mapping across all systems ensures full reimbursement for services, procedures, and supplies rendered by the facility.

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