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CMNavigator® Software

The Ultimate Chargemaster Management Software: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Compliance

What is it?

Developed by MedCom Solutions in 2002, CMNavigator® Software(“CMN”) has been a great tool used by hospital staff to effectively and efficiently manage the ongoing changes required to maintain an accurate and compliant Chargemaster.

Today’s CMNavigator® Software is an affordable SaaS solution for both hospitals and physician practices. CMN seamlessly integrates with various IT systems, including but not limited to EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, and CPSI. CMN also offers unique Corporate View capability, which allows organizations to manage multiple CDMs with ease.

Why use it?

  • User-Friendly    CMNavigator® is an intuitive software that allows training of users in 1-2 hours – no all-day sessions. It enables quick navigation through the CDM. It recognizes standard Microsoft commands allowing users to quickly adapt to working within a new software.
  • Customized workflow and inter-system linkages  MedCom can customize CMN to interface with various types of HIS systems and enable seamless interoperability with your patient financial system. Administrators can easily modify workflow and notification settings to keep staff in various departments with different roles well-informed but not overwhelmed.
  • Dynamic Reporting Capabilities  To ensure departmental accountability through both standardized departmental reports, as well as customized, in-depth diagnostic reports. Just ask what you wish to see and we will build it for you.
  • Reliable Cloud Solution  Hosted and managed by MedCom and Expedient Data Centers. It ensures high performance, availability, scalability, compatibility and provides offsite disaster recovery protections. New versions of the software will be deployed by MedCom, which alleviates the burdens on your IT staff.
  • On-demand Clinical Guidance  MedCom’s ChargeMaster solution is not just a software tool. You also have the choice of adding a virtual MedCom expert to your team with minimal cost. MedCom’s experienced clinical consultants can review daily change requests and ensure coding accuracy, answer questions on charging practice, provide education to your staff and perform monitoring services.

Chargemaster Digital Resources

  • Clinical
    • CPT® & HCPCS Procedure Codes
    • Revenue Codes
    • Modifiers
    • CMS Regulatory Data Files
  • Financial
    • Commercial Fee Schedules
    • Medicare Fee Schedules
    • Market Percentile Data

MedCom’s CMNavigator® Software is protected by U.S. Patent Numbers: 7,565,300 & 7,761,410

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