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MRKBTM Regulatory Library

The Most Efficient way for Healthcare to Stay Current and Compliant

Staying up-to-date with continuous regulatory changes creates a daily challenge for hospital staff who are already busy overseeing patient care, budgeting processes, and general management issues. In addition to the manpower required, regulatory changes for coding, billing, and reimbursement directly impact information submitted on patient claims. Ultimately, failure to address regulatory transmittals can result in lost reimbursement or billing errors.

Welcome to the MRKB Regulatory Library Knowledge Base!

What it is

Created to store regulatory publications for the purpose of quick and easy-to-use search and retrieval, MRKB Regulatory Library has become an essential web-based tool for streamlining management and application of federal and local regulatory updates.

Why use it?

With search flexibility and a comprehensive, archived library at your fingertips, the amount of time spent searching the Federal Register and CMS websites and digging through regulatory files can be eliminated. Updated by a trained regulatory analyst three times daily, MRKB Regulatory Library is guaranteed to maintain current and historic versions of a variety of publications dating back to 2006.

The following publications are currently housed in the MRKB Regulatory Library Knowledge Base:

  • CMS Job Aids
  • Decision Memorandum
  • Proposed Decision Memorandum
  • National Coverage Determinations (NCD)
  • National Coverage Articles (NCA)
  • Coding Analysis for Labs (CAL)
  • Transmittals
  • MedLearn Matters
  • Special Edition MedLearn Matters
  • Medicare Fiscal Intermediary Bulletins and Local Coverage Determinations Part A
  • Medicare Carrier Bulletins and Local Coverage Determinations Part B
  • Federal Register Notices, Proposed Rules and Final Rules
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